Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Difficulty breathing

Its a tough life. it is. I mean, not tough as in the life of someone who's house is flooded in Texas and they've now lost absolutely everything apart from the ability to breathe in free air,  or a rape victim, but just.. life. Life as a wife, as a mother to a three year old. Dog owner - main dog walker, operations manager at work, creative writer, illustrator, amateur athlete (giving that one 100% for sure) operations manager at life , cleaner, sometimes cook - badly I admit but its edible.  I plan and research and book and sort and collate and share a lot for our little family. I ensure our dog has all his injections, his food, water even, beds and blankets. I look after so that Axel has the same, injections, dentist (Shit. Need to find him a dentist, a local one. Note to self) all things nursery related, all things SCHOOL related - yes boss. We're in that phase now, the stressful phase of finding schools, looking up schools, reading about schools and their visions and values, getting an account at the local .gov site, log in, voucher that you are who you are and live where you live and do what you do, submit your preferences and choices, followed up by a short introduction and begginly nice letter about why you want your child to attend their fine establishment.
What else? I clean. I do the laundry. I like that. But its a bit much. I need to be able to focus on my career to. I need to move upwards. We have a house, on the river, that's waiting for us. We shall get there.

Bye. Things to do.
K, bye.

Friday, 25 August 2017



Dreams Don't Have Deadlines.

I like it. I am late , with everything. Late bloomer perhaps. But when will I bloom? I must get better at EVERYTHING.

Saturday, 19 August 2017


just come back from a trip to the playground, and some lunch and shopping. Nothing was out of the ordinarily good, just standard. Sandpit is fun, parklife is lovely, the eatery was OK - but out of the 7 staff, there was one helpful , and the rest ignored me most of the time. Strange. i'd like to think that when i was waitressing or a bartender I was a bit more service minded, and acknowledged my customers at least. On a bad day. Anyway, I guess we all have bad days.
I have a bit of a bad day today. Feel lonely. Every Saturday is like this. I spend it on my own, with a dog and a 3 year old.  The only adult I speak to is my D Dude, when he calls from work, and of course when he gets home later in the evening.

I have one friend who lives nearby with a boy of similar age as my prince. But she never gets back to me when I ask for a playdate. I should stop asking really.. A small part of me wants to at least get a reaction. A reply.

Nevermind. I should remind myself that I am , in fact , rather lucky. But sometimes its hard to do.

K x

Saturday, 12 August 2017


We're in that phase now. The phase when you have to change pants and shorts about four times before you even leave the house.
Got two success stories to report though. A #firstie at the loo in the playground area - He actually did a wee, on his own, into the loo! AND THEN ANOTHER ONE at home! I filmed it. sad? no, i will send it to his email address. If I can only remember what it was.

The rest of todays fails have been plenty. but we don't call them fails, no no. They are try outs. We've all been there  and I don't know anyone that didn't succeed, eventually.

What else? Built a shoe rack, and a bench for my prince. Its all about being a shit carpenter. Practice makes perfect they say, so I'm practising. Everything I've made looks like shit but we now have shelves  and tables under both windows facing the garden, and the two new additions as of today too. Not bad going I think.

A friend of mine told me I should give myself some slack every now and then. She said that I do such a great job with my little prince, working full time, relationships fun times and all my side projects. So there, I'm going to suck that nice comment dry and think I'm doing alright , for bird from a small village with lots of ambitions, no academic drive nor steering and very low self esteem. I'm working on it.

Nuff said. Girl got business.

K x

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Losing touch

How to not stay in touch with a friend

How to do it:

Friend has got relationship problems.
Some are her fault, others others.
Nothing I say helps
I might be a bit critical
But nothing I say matters so.
Never replies to text/whatsap/email/calls
Stop trying.

There you go.

This exhibition about female friendships made me think of it.

Thursday, 6 July 2017



Sitter pa jobbet, det är bara jag här idag, de andra är på semester, eller i Berlin och styr up saker  & ting, och jag, ja, jag sitter har och har en massa grejer att göra. Fixa. Skriva. Map out vår grupps kanaler , websidor, projects och social media channels. Allt som jag tycker är kul. 

Men först ska jag lyssna på sommar pratare bestämde jag mig för. Så nu har jag lyssnat pa Timbuktu's prat och sen lite pa Maja Ivarsson från The Sounds - och sen tänkte jag lyssna på Kristian Gidlunds sommar prat, men jag orkade inte det. Inte igen. Det ar sorgligt. Kristian gick bort bara några dagar innan han skulle ha fyllt 30 år. Cancer. Han pratar om det i sitt sommar prat. Om hur man förbereder sig för att dö. Hur orkar man? Innan man ens fyllt 30? Det är jobbigt. 

Livet är jobbigt. Man kan ju dö. 

K x 

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

My to do list

Dreaming of holidays, Greece, sandy beaches and room service.

We're going back to Greece this year. Got no money to secure the holiday now so we're putting all our hope in the last basket , and hope to get something around the first or second week in September. Wish us luck!

I'm at work. I should be writing copy for categories, however. I have other things to do. I will do it. I have it on my list, it will be done. But I do have some things to do before I do that.

l'll get on with it now shall I.

K x

Difficulty breathing

Its a tough life. it is. I mean, not tough as in the life of someone who's house is flooded in Texas and they've now lost absolutely...